Skin conditions

At LloydsPharmacy, we’re here to help you manage your skin condition with expert advice, unique skincare solutions and product recommendations.

We know that living with a skin condition, like eczema, dry skin or psoriasis, isn’t always easy and that’s why we’ve put together a set of guides to help support you and your skin’s needs.

Common skin conditions can leave us feeling a little out of sorts, especially if we are experiencing pain or discomfort. That’s where we can help with individual skincare solutions and treatments that are as unique as you are. We can also help you discover what causes your skin condition, the symptoms to look out for and what triggers your skin to flare up and how you can best avoid these. Arming you with the advice and support you need, we can help you to win the battle against your skin and feel more comfortable in yourself again.

Whether you choose to browse online or visit your local pharmacy we have products that work, helpful advice and expert knowledge that can put you at ease when it comes to the condition of your skin.

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Acne causes spots to develop on the face and body. Oily skin and spots are most common in...


Symptoms of eczema tend to include dry, itchy and scaly skin. In most cases, the symptoms are caused...


Psoriasis is a chronic condition, typically, symptoms such as red patches are experienced as flare-ups...


Dermatitis describes skin conditions that cause itching, redness, dryness and inflammation...


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