Sonetik Hearing Care in Partnership with LloydsPharmacy

LloydsPharmacy now offers a FREE customer hearing care service.

Book a free hearing test appointment today. Sonetik hearing aids can be prescribed and bought in less than an hour in a participating LloydsPharmacy.

Our FREE Hearing Care Service is:

  • Accessible - available in many local LloydsPharmacy stores.
  • Affordable - hearing tests are free and hearing aids only cost £395 each.
  • Quick - you could walk away with a fitted hearing aid in less than an hour.
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Hearing Loss

It's estimated that one in five of us has some form of age-related hearing loss and will live with it for 10 years before doing anything about it. By offering a convenient hearing test and examination, it not only paves the way to obtaining a hearing solution (hearing aid) but also uncovers other issues.

Are you...

  • Turning up the volume on your TV at home?
  • Asking people to repeat what they've said?
  • Finding it difficult to follow conversations in noisy environments?

If you have any doubts about your hearing, drop into your local store today to book a free hearing test.

Booking a Hearing Test

We schedule a hearing day regularly in store - approximately every three weeks - so find out where and when your nearest hearing day is - book up in advance today.

To book an appointment on a hearing day, please first visit the Sonetik map to find a store near you.

Once you've found a store that offers a hearing day, please contact the store directly to book your test.

Book an Appointment

The Hearing Test

The hearing test is carried out by a fully qualified Sonetik audiologist in a LloydsPharmacy store near to you. You don't need to travel to a hospital, clinic or hearing aid shop to have your hearing tested.

The appointment is conducted in a friendly, understanding and non-pressurised manner.

The automated test takes about 10 minutes. Your level of hearing loss will be assessed and you are provided with a copy of your hearing test results. If a hearing aid is suitable, you could walk away with one or two in less than one hour.

How Much is a Hearing Aid?

Starting from £395 the GOhear hearing aid range covers the vast majority of hearing losses and are one of the most affordable on the market. For more complex losses and starting at £795 the PROhear range provide a customised solution at an extremely attractive price. Whatever your needs, there will be a solution that suits you - we believe better hearing should not be a luxury! Hearing aid batteries are also available at your local LloydsPharmacy store and online.

What our Customers Said About Hearing Tests:

"It was convenient to have my hearing tested here at LloydsPharmacy"
Customer from Woodley, Greater Manchester

"I have searched the internet and not found better value for money"
Customer from Coppull, Lancashire

The Sonetik Hearing Aid

  • Practically invisible
  • Comfortable fit
  • Suppresses background noise
  • Focuses on speech

How Does it Work?

Thanks to its intelligent digital sound processing, the Sonetik hearing aid can be set to amplify the sounds you want to hear, while filtering out unwanted noise and even feedback.

Two microphones pick-up the sound, enabling the user to enjoy improved sound localisation.

A powerful miniaturised computer chip in the hearing aid processes the sound and amplifies the wanted speech signals whilst suppressing unwanted background noise according to your individual hearing needs.

Tiny precision engineered components within the hearing aid allow the processed sound to be presented to your ear through a barely visible soundtube.