Medicines safety

You may have heard about or read that several years ago criminal gangs in Europe were stealing medicines. British wholesalers bought some of these medicines from legitimate suppliers, unaware that they were stolen and it is possible that some of these medicines were sold to UK pharmacies.

We understand that the medicines were genuine even though they had passed through the hands of criminals.

The regulator with responsibility for medicines safety (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency - MHRA) did not ask for a product recall as they said they posed no risk to public safety.

New measures introduced across the industry this year have reduced the risk of fraud significantly. The Falsified Medicines Directive is Europe-wide and ensures there are robust tamper-proof packaging and full traceability of medicines. For more information go to the MHRA website.

Patient safety is our primary concern and if you have any questions about your medicines please talk to your pharmacist or GP.