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*Nielsen unit market sales data to 21.06.2016. Women's Intimate Health category includes thrush, bacterial vaginosis, lubricants and cystitis segments.

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As the number one women’s intimate health brand, Canesten provide you with the confidence to test, treat and prevent intimate infections, such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis, in the comfort of your own home.

Canesten Thrush Duo contains Fluconazole and Clotrimazole. For the treatment of thrush. Always read the label.


Canestest® Self-Test for Vaginal Infections


Canestest® Self-Test for Vaginal Infections is a convenient self-test solution that helps you to find out whether you're suffering from thrush or bacterial vaginosis and also helps you to decide which treatment is right for you. The test itself is a simple, easy to use swab that changes colour indicating which vaginal infection you may be suffering from. Canestest® allows you to regain control of your intimate health.

✓   Discreet self-diagnosis of thrush and bacterial vaginosis (BV)

✓   Over 90% accurate

✓   Results in 10 seconds

Canestest® is a medical device.

Thrush vs. Bacterial Vaginosis

Causes of Thrush

Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans

Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis

BV is caused by on overgrowth of bacteria regularly found in your vagina. Around 1.2 million women in the UK (15%) suffer from BV symptoms in a year.†

Symptoms of Thrush

  • Itchiness
  • Soreness
  • White, thick, cottage cheese like discharge with non-offensive or no odour

Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis

  • Fishy or unpleasant odour
  • Greyish-white, watery discharge
  • Worsening of the above after sex or during your period

† Gfk Canesten Woman’s Intimate Hygiene Study - Bayer Canesten Global, December 2013 (UK and Germany).


Canesbalance® Bacterial Vaginosis Vaginal Gel

Canesbalance® Bacterial Vaginosis Vaginal Gel is an effective treatment for the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis (BV), the most common cause of vaginal infections in women of childbearing age. This internal gel works by helping to regulate the pH balance of your vagina.

✓   Clinically proven to restore pH balance and relieve unpleasant odour and abnormal discharge

✓   Contains 7 pre-filled hygienic applicators for a course of treatment

✓   Restricts growth of bad bacteria and supports good bacterial to restore the natural environment

✓   Can be used during pregnancy. However, you should see your doctor if you think you may have a vaginal infection during pregnancy.

Canestest® is a medical device.


Canesten® Thrush Treatment

Thrush can be easily treated with the Canesten® range of products that don’t need a prescription.

Clear the infection and calm the itch

Canesten combination treatments for thrush:

- treat the cause of the infection with a single-dose oral capsule, pessary or vaginal cream, and

- calm the external symptoms like itchiness or soreness with an external cream

The Canesten Thrush Duo pack contains a convenient, on-the-go, single-dose oral capsule which works from within to clear the thrush infection, and a tube of double strength thrush cream* to effectively calm the itch.

*compared to Canesten 1% Cream

Canesten Thrush Combi Pessary & External Cream, Soft Gel Pessary & External Cream, Internal & External Cream contain Clotrimazole. Canesten Thrush Duo Oral Capsule & External Cream contains Fluzonazole and Clotrimazole. Always read the label.


Canesflor® Probiotics for Vaginal Use

✓   Helps prevent thrush and BV from reoccurring

✓   Creates a protective barrier over your vaginal walls

✓   Helps to restore your vagina’s natural environment

Canestest® is a medical device.

Canesflor® is the only clinically proven probiotic for vaginal use. Probiotics can help to maintain the natural levels of good bacteria (known as lactobacilli) in your vagina, helping to prevent thrush and BV from coming back.


Intimate Care

Canesfresh® Feminine Wash Soothing Wash Gel


✓   Helps to soothe sensitive feminine area

✓   For 12 hour comfort and fresh feeling

Canesfresh® Feminine Wash Soothing Wash Gel helps to soothe the intimate area during times of discomfort, especially when you are experiencing thrush or vaginal dryness. It contains glycine, an amino acid with calming properties.

Canestest® is a medical device.