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Looking after your sexual health is important, and regular STI and STD tests can protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia. That’s why we have a range of home STI test kits which are discreetly delivered to your chosen address, so you can conveniently test yourself in the privacy of your own home. These STI tests can help determine whether your symptoms are a result of an STI, however if you are concerned about your symptoms seek medical advice from a doctor or visit your local sexual health clinic.

Online and in store we have sexual health services too which include emergency contraception, the morning after pill is available to order online, collect in store or be delivered to your chosen address. Browse our selection of women’s sexual health products that can help to treat thrush, bacterial vaginosis (BV) and cystitis. There are also products which can aid you if you’re planning to start a family, whether you want to track your ovulation or take a pregnancy test. There’s also hormone and testosterone tests for me as well which can also help you to understand your body and fertility.

We’re here to support you with expert advice, handy guides and articles covering a range of sexual health topics from contraception to knowing when your period is due.

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At home chlamydia test

At home chlamydia test

There are a number of home testing options which you can choose from...

Can you stop or shorten your period?

Can you stop or shorten your period?

There are ways that you can skip, shorten or stop your periods...

Recurring thrush

Recurring thrush

There are factors which can help to explain why you keep getting bouts of thrush...

STIs and STDs

STIs and STDs

These infections and diseases can affect both men and women; however the symptoms...

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