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LloydsPharmacy Stepometer

LloydsPharmacy Stepometer

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LloydsPharmacy Stepometer
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70% of us don’t do enough exercise, yet regular physical activity can help reduce your risk of developing coronary heart disease, lower your Blood Pressure and reduce your risk of Diabetes. Using the Lloydspharmacy Digital Stepometer, take the challenge! From the first step in the morning to the last at night, you should have walked 10,000 steps, which is roughly 5 miles or 8 kilometers.

Keep track of your steps.

• Step counter
• Count calories burned
• Measures distance travelled
• Digital clock

SKU: 6518286

Step 1: Attach
Step 2: Switch on and set target steps
Step 3: Walk while your goal is achieved


Walking is a very safe form of exercise, but anyone who develops any pain whilst walking should seek medical advice.