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Did you know 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia?* Very few people are unaware that helpful dementia products can make the lives of dementia patients both easier and more enjoyable.

Unforgettable is here to help those affected by dementia and memory loss, by providing specialist products that ease everyday tasks for dementia patients and also offer reassuring advice for carers. We have now made Unforgettable products easily accessible for you at LloydsPharmacy. From keeping safe with simple GPS trackers for those who have forgotten the way, to easy-to-use dementia games that bring entertainment without frustration:

James Ashwell, Unforgettable Founder

Unforgettable was founded by James Ashwell after caring for his mother who had early-onset frontotemporal dementia. He found the biggest challenge for both him and his mum was overcoming everyday obstacles, with even the simplest of tasks becoming difficult and complex. His search for those life-changing dementia aids was his source of inspiration:

“We set up Unforgettable to help make these products readily available, and in turn make people’s everyday lives easier.”

James Ashwell, Unforgettable Founder

How our books on dementia can help you

If you care for someone with dementia, Unforgettable have released two valuable guides that can act as a point of help along the way.

Family Guide To Dementia

Family Guide To Dementia is full of quick tips and practical advice for every aspect of daily life when it comes to helping someone with dementia; it’s collated from people who have shared the same experiences.

The Unforgettable Guide To Avoiding Hospital Admissions

We understand that trips to the hospital can be distressing for both patient and carer. The Unforgettable Guide To Avoiding Hospital Admissions can help you understand, avoid and continue to manage the common causes of hospital admissions.

Our dementia clock can help take control of time

One of the most common symptoms of any form of dementia is memory loss, not so much memories from long ago, but recalling recent information can be a real struggle. For those living with dementia, they may need constant help remembering things from present day, such as the date and time. Of course, this can be a real point of agitation and, quite often, people just need a small cue or prompt to jog their memory.

The Unforgettable 2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock

The Unforgettable dementia clock is the ideal product for people with dementia who often get muddled up with the date and time.

It is a simple and adaptable dementia friendly clock that clearly displays the exact time, date and day in large text. You can simplify it even further by just showing the day and time of day in terms of Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night. This dementia calendar clock will help people recover their independence by reinforcing a daily routine and reducing any stress or anxiety.

Put a smile on their face with dementia games

With dementia, everyday activities and forms of entertainment can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s so important to keep the ones you love active, engaged and happy, that’s why Unforgettable have a selection of specialist dementia games that offer an alternative form of stimulation.

Unforgettable’s activities for people with dementia use aspects of the past in order to help make sense of the present. Through dementia puzzles, music and art, they help to spark memories and encourage conversations.

Unforgettable’s 13 and 35 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Fun, suitable and easy-to-use games for dementia patients that help keep minds active and engaged. The puzzles are carefully designed using vibrant images of old, familiar settings to inspire joy, such as a beach scene.

Unforgettable’s 13 and 35 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

It is also very important to help people with dementia find comfort through relaxing and unwinding. A lot of people find themselves in situations that provoke feelings of anxiety, fear and restlessness. But Unforgettable is here to calm everything down with dementia products that promote soothing rituals.

The Shining Star Cube

The Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds is a simple and effective light that projects a gentle spectrum of pretty colours, it also emits calming sounds which, coupled with the lights, helps to soothe people into sleep.

Fiddle Muff

An ideal product for calming people down in frustrating or stressful situations is the Buttons and Beads Fiddle Muff. It’s effective in occupying the hands and keeping fidgeting fingers happy; think of it as a cosy and colourful version of a stress ball.

*Alzheimer’s Society: Facts for the media, accessed April 2017