Services for healthcare providers
and hospitals

If you work in partnership with LloydsPharmacy you can gain access to:


Pharmacy services

We provide pharmacy services to support patients, reduce costs and free up hospital resources to spend more time on patient care.


Speciality services

Providing healthcare services in the community, speciality medicines can now be administered through our specialist nursing and pharmacist teams.



We deliver medicines and provide nurse-led treatments in the patient’s home. This covers a wide range of therapy areas to increase capacity for hospitals and improve patient choice.


Care homes

Complete pharmacy service for care homes. We offer a range of solutions that help you achieve safer, more accurate medication administration rounds and greater adherence to regulatory requirements.

At LloydsPharmacy we can deliver an end-to-end service, from pharmacy dispensing to healthcare in the community.

We understand patient needs are constantly evolving and budgets face continuous pressure. That’s why LloydsPharmacy has been partnering with healthcare providers to re-design services within pharmacies and in the community.

We’re already trusted as an NHS partner to deliver a range of services on behalf of the healthcare provider sector across the country. Our model is designed to give you a choice: to commission each offering individually or take the integrated end-to-end service.

This allows you to tailor the healthcare choices for your patients. Our unique offering combines our professional expertise and in-depth experience to support patients by supplying a range of services in both the hospital and the community.

We provide the right trained professional at all times, whether that’s specialist nurses administering the infusions, pharmacists giving sub-cutaneous injections, or drivers delivering medicines to the patient’s home or local LloydsPharmacy. This frees hospital resources to spend more time on patient care and reduces costs for the Trust.