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Hayfever Products


At Lloydspharmacy we have all the treatments you need to control your hayfever symptoms. To get the best effect, remember you often have to start treatment before your symptoms start.

Lloydspharmacy Allergy Reliever

The Lloydspharmacy Hayfever Reliever uses phototherapy to relieve the symptoms of hayfever. One wavelength promotes increased blood flow circulation and the second wavelength (red light therapy) suppresses the cells that release histamine and reduces inflammation.

A study conducted by the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit has found that the Lloydspharmacy Hayfever Reliever significantly reduced the main symptoms of hayfever - sneezing, runny nose, watering eyes and an itchy palate. In fact, it’s so effective some people may feel a reduction in hayfever symptoms after using it just a few times.

Ionising Air Purifier

Designed to improve air quality by reducing pollutants and allergy triggers that can cause asthma and allergy attacks. The Ionising Air Purifier has an air filter to help remove impurities, backed up by ionisers which help reduce the irritants in the air.

Nasal sprays

For immediate relief from the symptoms of hayfever and allergy. If you use a nasal spray before and during the hayfever season, it may help stop your symptoms developing.

Eye drops

If you're suffering from itchy, watery eyes, special eye drops used every day can relieve redness and swelling for soothing relief.

Allergy relief tablets or syrups

Antihistamines prevent the histamine your body produces when it's triggered by an allergen like pollen from causing the allergic symptoms. They are good for relieving sneezing, itching and runny nose and eye symptoms.