Nicorette® offers a range of products to help support you while cut down and quit smoking for good. Choose the best method to help you: patches, nasal and mouth sprays, microtabs, gum, lozenges or inhalators.

Three stop smoking tips
  1. Stay positive: whenever you feel the urge to smoke think about something that makes you feel positive, such as a favourite person or place.
  2. Avoid temptation: remove or avoid any triggers that may make you want to smoke, e.g. drinking alcohol or coffee.
  3. Reward yourself: treat yourself with the money you are saving by not smoking.

Nicorette products


Long-lasting craving relief for when you stop smoking completely.

Use NICORETTE® Invisi PatchTM when you want to manage your cravings and withdrawal symptoms once you’ve quit. The patches are discreet and slowly release nicotine for up to 16 hours. Gradually reduce your cravings by moving onto lower strength patches over 12 weeks.

Apply a fresh patch every morning to a clean, dry, hairless area on the upper arm, hip or front/side of your chest and remove before going to bed.

If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day:

  • Use a 25mg patch for 8 weeks
  • Use a 15mg patch for 2 weeks
  • Use a 10mg patch for 2 weeks

If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day:

  • Use a 15mg patch for 8 weeks
  • Use a 10mg patch for 4 weeks

NICORETTE® Quick Mist Mouth Spray

60 second craving relief.

NICORETTE® Quick Mist Mouth Spray is quickly absorbed into your body and starts acting within 60 seconds to reduce your cravings. It is clinically proven to be 150 times more effective than willpower alone.

Use the spray when you would normally smoke: spray once, and if you still have cravings within a few minutes, spray a second time. Don’t exceed 2 sprays at a time, 4 sprays an hour or 64 sprays per day.

NICORETTE® Nasal Spray

Fast, powerful relief for heavy smokers.

If you think you may experience strong withdrawal symptoms NICORETTE® Nasal Spray can administer a fast dose of nicotine when you need it most.

You may experience sneezing, a runny nose, or watery eyes when you first start using the spray, but these effects should reduce within a few days.


A discreet way to manage your cravings.

The NICORETTE® Microtab dissolves under the tongue to give you rapid craving relief. Control how much nicotine you need by taking one every hour or, if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, take two per hour. Do not swallow, suck or chew and don’t exceed more than 40 tablets each day.

Which is the best NICORETTE® Gum?

Control your cravings quickly.

NICORETTE® Gum can double your chances of stopping smoking vs. willpower alone. It works by releasing controlled amounts of nicotine, which allows you to control your cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Chew the gum until a strong taste appears (under 60 seconds).
  2. Place the gum between your gums and teeth so that the nicotine is released into your body via your mouth lining.
  3. When the taste fades, chew the gum again and repeat until the craving disappears.

NICORETTE® Cools Lozenges

Cool, minty relief when you don’t want to smoke.

NICORETTE® Cools Lozenges release therapeutic nicotine to control your cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and a cool, minty flavour for long-lasting freshness.

Let the lozenge dissolve slowly in your mouth, taking care not to chew it or swallow it whole. For best results avoid eating and drinking whilst it is in your mouth. You can use up to 15 lozenges a day.

  • Use 2mg lozenges if you smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day.
  • Use 4mg lozenges if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day.

NICORETTE® Inhalator

Keep your hands busy with clinically-proven nicotine replacement therapy.

NICORETTE® Inhalator helps you to reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke, but allows you to keep the hand-to-mouth action you’re used to. It relieves cravings and withdrawal symptoms when cutting down or stopping for good.

The replaceable 15mg nicotine cartridge last for 40 minutes with intense use, but can be used gradually over the day. Don’t use more than 6 cartridges in a day.

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Nicotine Myths Exposed

Myth: Nicotine is responsible for adverse health effects related to smoking

Fact: The main adverse nicotine effect in tobacco products is nicotine addiction, which sustains tobacco use. Because most smokers are nicotine-dependent, they continue to expose themselves to toxins from cigarettes. It is the other chemicals in cigarettes, not nicotine, which are responsible for most of the adverse health effects related to smoking.

Myth: Nicotine causes yellow stains on fingers and teeth

Fact: It is not the nicotine in cigarettes, but the tar that causes the unsightly yellow-brown stains on fingers and teeth

Myth: Nicotine causes the diseases related to smoking

Fact: Cigarettes are a well-known cause of cancer, chronic lung disease, heart disease, and other disorders. It is the many toxins in cigarette smoke, rather than the nicotine content, that is responsible for the majority of the harmful effects. In other words, it is the delivery system, not the addictive drug, which is responsible for the vast majority of tobacco-related diseases.

Where can I get further help to quit smoking?

Contact us, pop into your local LloydsPharmacy or visit our Online Doctor for help with stopping smoking.