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Diabetes Check-up

How do I arrange a check-up?

We have participating pharmacies all over the UK – simply find the one nearest to you using the store locator, then just pop in and ask the pharmacy team.

What will happen?

Firstly, a member of our pharmacy team will ask you some questions so that they can assess your risk of diabetes – these will be about:
  • your age
  • your height, weight and waist measurement
  • your daily activity
  • your diet, in particular how much fruit and veg you eat
  • if you use high blood pressure medication
  • if you have ever had a high blood glucose reading
  • if any family member has diabetes
Then, if necessary, we’ll measure your blood pressure and take a very small finger-prick sample of blood to measure your blood glucose level.

Depending on the results of the physical test, we may ask you to come back for a further assessment. This will include:
  • A fasting blood glucose test, which involves taking a sample of blood when you have an empty stomach (usually first thing in the morning before you have breakfast).
  • Weight, height and waist measurements.
  • Additional blood pressure measurements.
We’ll also offer you lifestyle advice and reccommend ways of reducing your chance of developing diabetes. If appropriate, we may refer you to your doctor.

Can anyone take part?

As long as you’re over 16 and not pregnant, you can arrange a test.

How do I know it’s a good quality service?

We’ve been carrying out Diabetes tests since 2003 to increase awareness of the condition and encourage people to get screened, and have now completed tests for over 1.3 million people.

If you have any further questions or would like more advice, you can contact the Diabetes UK Careline on 0845 123 2399, (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) or visit their website at

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