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What causes pain?

We all experience pain differently, so it’s not always easy to work out where it comes from. But, whether you’re living with back or joint pain, or are experiencing regular headaches or migraines, understanding the cause can help you to determine the best solutions for you.

Pain relief... when your body’s talking, we’re listening

Pain is a very common complaint, with an estimated 10 million people in the UK experiencing some pain most days*. But because it’s so common, there are lots of ways you can manage and relieve it, leaving you free to get on with enjoying your life.

So whether you’re experiencing migraines, regular back pain or have been recently diagnosed with arthritis, we’ve put together some symptom guides, treatment advice and support to help you feel like yourself again.

We have pain relief tailored to you

Did you know that 50% of people living with pain try to ignore it?* Whatever your pain symptoms, we’re here to help online and in store to find the best treatment for you. From drug free options and topical gels to Pharmacy only medication, explore the latest pain management products in our range to create a personalised plan.

We’ve also created some specialist pain relief advice to help you with any discomfort you’re experiencing; whether you are experiencing headaches for the first time or live with a long term condition.

Simply use the image map opposite to find out more about the causes and triggers, as well as your pain relief options to target your symptoms.

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*Survey of 2,000 respondents. February 2019. Commissioned by LloydsPharmacy, conducted by 3Gem.