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Innovative Devices for a Healthy Life.Top 6 Technologies into One Air Purifier.Air Ionizer.HEPA Air Filter.Germicidal UV Light.Activated Carbon Filter.Programmable Sanitizer.Anti-bacterial Pre-filter.

Heaven Fresh - Ionic Air Purifier with UV Light & HEPA Filter

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Innovative Devices for a Healthy Life.

Top 6 Technologies into One Air Purifier.
Air Ionizer.
HEPA Air Filter.
Germicidal UV Light.
Activated Carbon Filter.
Programmable Sanitizer.
Anti-bacterial Pre-filter.

With a 71 cfm flow rate, the HF300C rapidly, yet quietly, circulates purified air throughout a room as large as 500 sq. ft. The built-in ionizer and activated carbon air filter remove chemical fumes, gases, cigarette smoke, and odours from the indoor environment.
Three layers of the high-performance HEPA air filter effectively remove super-fine particles from the air at a removal rate of 99.97%. The HEPA/activated carbon filter cartridge lasts up to 2 years, and is inexpensive, clean and easy to replace. The control panel utilizes soft-touch buttons, allowing the easy adjustment of fan speed, ozone output (which can be completely disabled), and the timer. The germicidal ultraviolet light inside the HF300C destroys germs, viruses, bacteria, and other biological pollutants. The UV light also prevents micro-organisms captured by the HEPA filter from reproducing, increasing the life and sanitization level of the filter.

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