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We know losing weight is hard. It's difficult to stay motivated and tough to pinpoint where to even start - the amount of information on the best weight loss techniques is overwhelming. Ultimately, the key to weight loss is to be healthy: eating regular, well-portioned and balanced meals, giving yourself the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients, and keeping active. But, sometimes you need a little bit of help, which you can get from our weight loss aids here at LloydsPharmacy. Everyone is unique, so ensure you research on different weight loss products and find the best aid for you.

Our range of weight loss products, from slimming shakes to weight scales, can help you take control of your weight and stop you from slipping back into those old habits.

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Weight Loss Tablets

We offer a wide variety of weight loss tablets that will help support you alongside your own efforts of healthy eating and keeping active. Weight loss capsules from brands such as alli and XLS-Medical, help to reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates into your system. Instead, they are naturally passed out of the body, preventing their contribution to weight gain.

Adios Max and food supplements from leading brand Forza, are made from natural ingredients designed to boost your metabolism. This ensures that you burn more calories throughout the day, leaving less to contribute to weight gain. Plus, Forza capsules contain essential nutrients to help maintain your health throughout your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Sachets

XLS-Medical Fat Binder Direct uses sachets rather than tablets; you can take 1 sachet after every main meal without the use of water – just put directly into your mouth. This is quick, convenient and ideal if you have trouble swallowing tablets. Other weight loss aids, such as Slim Sip appetite reducer, come in sachets. Once added to water, the contents of the sachet forms a tasty drink which helps prevent those food cravings.

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